how are my friend monsters™ made?

Every monster is handmade by me, Terri Wild, in my home monster workshop in beautiful Victoria, BC. You can read more about my monster journey here.

I make the monsters primarily from upcycled wool sweaters sourced from thrift shops in and around the Victoria and Vancouver BC area. To turn the sweaters into fabric suitable for monster-making, I felt them in the washing machine with hot water and soap. The goal is to get them to shrink (with heat, moisture  and agitation) into a felt-like material ready for cutting and sewing.

thrift store shopping for sweaterscolourful sweater stackfelted wool sweaters

Not every wool sweater is suitable for monster creation. I only choose the softest ones. Lambswool, merino, angora, cashmere, get the picture! No scratchy monsters here!

Once the sweaters have been felted, I usually line dry them, and then they are ready to turn into monsters.

The monster design and build process is intuitive and organic, in the sense that I do not use patterns. Each monster character is created as it is sewn - that way every monster is an individual!

I have developed many different design elements that have become signature to the my friend monster™ style. The most distinctive being the pocket mouth!

pocket mouth monstereating monster food

Monsters with pocket mouths are super fun for interactive play, feeding monster food, as well as comfort when snuggling. I stuff the monsters quite full with polyester fibrefill so they are nice and plump!

Another unique monster attribute is the tentacle eye! I like to think of these monsters as being of alien origin - maybe - who knows?

alien plush toyalien plush stuffed animalcrazy monster alien plush

Eye stalks, tentacles, slug eyes, whatever you call them, they allow your monster to see in all directions! The weirdness abounds.