my friend monster™ FAQ

Care instructions

Surface washing is recommended, but if your monster gets into some major messiness, we recommend hand washing - for more information check out our monster care guide!


What are the monsters made of?

Sugar and spice and everyth...well, actually, the monsters are all made from upcycled and repurposed wool sweaters! I procure the sweaters from local thrift stores in the Victoria and Vancouver area. Each sweater is then "felted" before use, which means I wash it in hot water (often multiple times) to shrink it! This turns the sweater into a nice crafting felt which I then sew into monsters. I also use new polyester fibrefill to stuff the monsters, and plastic safety eyes to bring their faces to life!


The monster I wanted has sold! Can you make another one just like it?

Unfortunately, I cannot replicate a monster from the past. Each is a One-Of-A-Kind individual. Because I don't use patterns when I create the monsters (I design as I sew each one), and I use recycled materials, it is pretty much impossible to replicate a monster I have made in the past. That being said, I would probably be able to make a new monster for you that is *inspired* by one I have already made - get in touch for details!


Are the monsters suitable for babies?

Although all my creations are handcrafted with care, they are not intended for humans under 3, extremely rough play or those who still like to eat their toys.

As with all children's products, adult supervision is required


My dog loves stuffies!  Are these suitable for dog/cat toys?

Unfortunately my friend monsters™ are not to be used as a chew toy. The wooly fabric is no match for your pet's sharp teeth.


How will my monster get to me?

All monster orders within Canada and the US are shipped using Canada Post (And USPS). More info on shipping and delivery can be found on our shipping page. If you live in Victoria, BC you can select "local pickup" and save the delivery fee! Contactless pickup will be at the my friend monster™ workshop in Victoria (address provided at time of order).