my friend monster's story

Hi! I'm Terri, the owner and creator behind my friend monster™.  

Born and raised in the Greater Vancouver, BC area, I had always been pretty crafty. Sewing, art and thrift store shopping were my thing.

My monster journey started in 2009. Newly moved to Victoria, BC, I was eager to start my own creative business. Not sure exactly what I was going to do, I searched around for something to inspire me. I stumbled upon the idea of crafting with wool sweaters rescued from the thrift store. I learned about “wet felting” or “fulling” (when a knitted wool item is manipulated with hot water and soap to bind the fibres together), then started cutting and sewing. 

Even I was surprised at what came out of my sewing machine. MONSTERS! I fell in love instantly (as did my then 4 year old kid), and my friend monster™ was born. Now here we are, some years later, and I am still in love with all things monster.

I don’t use patterns in the creation of my monsters, I design as I sew. That way no two monsters turn out the same. I love the challenge of always creating with different materials and the variety of designs and techniques that have evolved over the years. My first monsters look quite different than the ones I create now.  

I have always been pretty artsy (earning a degree in fine arts back in the 90's) and I love to make things. I have a wonderful husband who encourages my monster obsession, and a 17 year old son who thinks I can make anything from scratch.